13th May 2020 Virtually meeting


We are going through a very difficult time because of this pandemic and it was impossible to hold our normal May meeting. Thanks to Bo Zdzitowiecki, who organized a Zoom meeting for us, we were able to get together virtually. And so, thanks to the internet, we saw each other and discussed club business. We felt as if we were together again.


It was a wonderful feeling.


Thank you Bo.



Orange the World

From 25 November to 10 December, for a full sixteen days, Soroptimists were actively engaged in a show of solidarity -  standing up against violence towards women. Unfortunately women often encounter violence.


These days of action were initiated in 2009 and since then  SI has tirelessly and consistently organised various activities every year.


We would like to say a big thank you to Advocacy coordinator Anna Szeremeta for preparing the campaign in 2019. Her commitment, determination, boundless energy and love which she put into the work resulted in “Orange the World” being a spectacular event in Poland, while Ewa Karwan-Jastrzebska’s posters and banners were seen throughout the SI European Federation.


In 2019 towns and cities where SI clubs are located were all ‘painted’ orange  -  well-known and popular building were illuminated with orange lights. We organised discussion panels, meetings, performances; we put up orange  posters and banners in many towns; we dressed in orange; we spoke about the problem of violence against women on the local radio; we wrote about the campaign on social media. We did all this to highlight the problem of violence against women and to strive to eliminate it from our life.


Soroptimist International Warsaw Club invites you to take part in a discussion


                                 AGAINST VIOLENCE, ORANGE THE WORLD


on 25 November 2019 from 7 - 9pm at Zacheta National Art Gallery 3 Stanislaw Malachowski Sq. 00-916 Warsaw

The topics for discussion will be: countering violence against women; how women’s organisations can help victims of violence; activities of foundations involved with educating and providing psychological help to victims of violence. Participants actively taking part in the discussion and making valuable contributions will be rewarded with literature on the subjects of the discussion. The books have been funded by Krytyka Literacka and Wielka Litera publishing houses.

Panelists taking part in the discussion will be:

Dr Ewa Woydyllo-Osiatyńska, psychologist and addiction therapist, the author of numerous publications such as “I choose freedom, or how to free yourself of addiction”, “An invitation to life”, “The secrets of women”, “We - the parents of adult children”, “In harmony with yourself”, “Cancer of the soul”, “About alcoholism”.

Olga Żmijewska,  founder and president of the Art of Freedom Foundation, expert on culture, social activist, writer and photography artist.

Ilona Sobol, therapist, personal development trainer, instructor of creative techniques in therapy and education.

Joanna Garnier, vice president of LA STRADA Foundation

Renata Durda, director of Blue Line (National emergency service for victims of domestic violence)

Aleksandra Bagrowska, manager of the Emaus Catholic Community Club of Life, a women’s shelter

The discussions will be chaired by Anna Szeremeta, a member of the Soroptimist International Warsaw Club.
The discussion marks the opening in Poland of ORANGE THE WORLD, an international event beginning on 25 November and lasting sixteen days.
Honorary patrons of the Polish Soroptimists’ initiative are the presidents of the cities of Warsaw, Cracow, Katowice, Bielsko-Biała and Slupsk, the mayor of Cieszyn and the Polish Embassy in Rome.


3 October. Formal Meeting of SI Bielsko-Biala Club, Poland

On 3 October 2019 we held a formal meeting of our Club to bring to a close the highly industrious two-year presidential term of office of Urszula Machowska. The occasion simultaneously marked the beginning of our new President Ewa Sum’s tenure.


We began our meeting with the candle lighting ceremony. This, as always, was very moving.


Ewa Sum, the President elect, lit a candle for our SI Bielsko-Biala Club. Anna Plater-Zyberk, chair of the Statute Commission of the Union, lit a candle for the Polish SI Union. Katarzyna Brykowicz, the President of the Polish Union, lit a candle for the SI European Federation. And Beata Mikuszewska, the doyenne of our Club, lit a candle for World Soroptimism.


The outgoing President presented a detailed report of the tasks and projects which had been accomplished during her term. One of the most highly rated of the projects was the training of volunteers to work with “Zameczek” in Rudoltowice, a centre for children and young people with special needs. Urszula warmly thanked her immediate collaborators and presented them with small handmade presents. She also expressed her gratitude to all members of the Club for their work and cooperation.


We greatly appreciate the way Urszula led the Club in a democratic and extremely organised way. We also acknowledge her hard work and great empathy.

Urszula – thank you very much for your commitment and warm smile for each member of our Club

Then, according to custom, the outgoing President presented the insignia – a chain with the names of all past Presidents – to Ewa Sum, the new President whose work began from that moment.

Many congratulations Ewa. We wish you success in Soroptimist work and we are looking forward to working together

14th September 2019. Autumn Picnic at the Pszczyna Open-Air Museum




On a very sunny day we combined our annual autumn picnic and European Heritage Days 2019 by spending Saturday 14th September at the Pszczyna open-air museum, i.e. the Polish Countryside Farm.


It was a splendid idea to come here. The sight of old kitchen appliances, an ancient mangle and cabbage shedder brought back childhood memories for some of the older members of our club. We watched embroidery, wicker-making and beekeeping demonstrations; also crocheting with needles, as well as with fingers (yes, fingers - Dorota had a go!). We were given a practical lesson in making wreaths and garlands of live flowers. There were so many attractions that it is difficult to list them all. We listened with great interest to a talk about Silesian ladies’ traditional costumes from the 19th and 20th centuries given by historian and ethnography enthusiast, Tomasz Wrona from Mysłowice. He showed us tunics, petticoats and zippers of yesteryear –still fashioned today - pointing out the significant details relating to cut and finish. And there were also Silesian scarves woven from delicate, soft wool with beautiful oriental patterns - traditional headwear for the ladies of Silesia.




Marysia S., the organizer of this year's picnic, prepared a lovely party for us at her home. A little tired after our walkabout, we rested in her wonderful garden on a lawn which resemble the gardens of Buckingham Palace. We grilled sausages, tasted the delicacies people had brought with them and talked about various things. We had fun, it was pleasant and very much in the spirit of Soroptimism.




On 2nd March 2019, with friends and supporters in attendance, the club held its traditional charity ball at the Łodygowice Lodge which brimmed with song and dance. The theme of our ball on this occasion was based around the magical world of Stanisław Wyspiański's classic drama The Wedding.
Dressed as characters from the play we  danced together and had a wonderful time.  


The ball was a great success.