New Initiatives. Training Volunteers for Education, Curative and Rehabilitation Centre for Children and Youth of the Polish Association of the Blind in Rudołtowice



Together with the Centre we started the project to prepare volunteers who have been recruited from secondary schools students to work with blind and partly sighted children. From 1st December 2017 to 30th May 2018 at the Centre will take place classes in the form of workshops for girls and women who declared their willingness to work as a volunteer. Ninety people became interested in a training and we hope that the enthusiasm of young volunteers will help everyone finish their training.

During the workshops the volunteers will familiarize with the following issues:

- legal basis of volunteering (rights and obligations of volunteers),

- basic of blind people therapy,

- training in verbal and non-verbal communication,

- music and movement games,

- providing first aid to a disabled child,

- consultations with a psychologist.