6th December 2015 Christmas Concert

6th December 2015 Christmas Concert

On Sunday morning the Christmas Concert of our past and present grant holders of the Music School in B-B took place. We have been listening to the good music in a very pleasant atmosphere which made the meeting friendly and very interesting. 

In the first part of the concert young pupils from Primary Music School – Igor Dudek (violin) and Mateusz Dubiel (piano) – performed their own compositions. They were accompanied by their four schoolmates: Adrianna Sinkowska (violin), Gabriela Dudziak (harp), Karolina Solich and Milena Szczupak who played the flutes. These young and talented musicians are learning in the class of Professor Hanna Górny-Janas.

The second part of the concert was performed by the mature talented past and present grant holders:

- Alicja Matuszczyk, a gifted oboe player, who was several times awarded,

- Ariadna Willman, the cellist, who is now a member and a soloist of the Philharmonic Orchestra in Rybnik,

- Amelia Tokarska, the harpist who now is studying in the Royal Conservatory in Brussels under the artistic direction of Professor Jana Bouskova, one of the most outstanding harpists of the generation.

Katarzyna Witek and her colleagues from the trombone quartet closed the concert.



From 18 to 20 September 2015 the First Warsaw SI Club celebrated 25th anniversary of its activity. It was double jubilee observed in Warsaw. Twenty five years ago the idea of soroptimism was initiated in Poland thanks to the efforts of Ms. Danuta Piontek who - still active - was a first President of Warsaw Club. On her initiative this idea spread across Poland. Last weekend the sisters from Belgium, Great Britain, The Netherlands and Liechtenstein came to Warsaw to participate in the event. Our club was represented by five of us (Katarzyna Brykowicz, Barbara Kuciel, Ewa Sum, Anna Szabert and Joanna Ujejska). The highlight of the programme in the Primate's Palace was the recital of a young Japanese pianist Misato Tokudai followed by a ceremonial dinner. Several different events took place during three-day celebrations, e.g. visits to the places connected with Frederic Chopin (a Museum in Warsaw and Żelazowa Wola where he was born). We woild like to wish the sisters from Warsaw Club all the best, good health and strenght to continue their works as soroptimists, as well as every success both in private and public life.


 Last weekend we hosted in Bielsko-Biala sisters from Uelzen Club. It was a return visit of German sisters.

On Friday morning (8 May) we walked in Beskidy mountains. We took a cable car to Szyndzielnia (1026 ma.s.l.) and then we walked to Klimczok (1117 ma.s.l.). We spent a nice time when talking and admiring the beauty of a spring in the mountains and sharing the joy of being together. In the evening we were savouring a local food in the mountain inn (close to B-B) in a company of the folk band.

During a guided tour in the city on Saturday morning we learned a lot about the history of B-B and specially about the textile industry which formed this multinational and multicultural town in the past.

Saturday afternoon was devoted to the clubs’ meeting and candle ceremony which took place at Gabrysia’s garden. For this garden party the sisters from our club prepared delicious food which we tasted with great pleasure. In small groups we were talking and exchanging experiences and planning some common projects. But of course, we will see what the future would bring us.

It was an important visit and we enjoyed very much this time we have spent together.

10-12 April 2015 A Spring Weekend in Gdansk

Let’s Go Green – the idea of the SI European Federation was put into practice that very weekend when the sisters from SI Gdansk Club together with the representatives from SI Club Köln Römerturm had planted six trees in a new university campus in Gdansk.

The event perfectly organized by the Club in Gdansk gathered the sisters both from Germany and Poland. The extensive programme included the opening of the painting exhibition of Ksenia Bagniewska (a sister form Gdansk Club) and Marie-Louise Salden from Köln.

We had a very interesting meeting with Ms Danuta Walesa, the former First Lady of Poland who turned out to be so nice, open to the people and very natural Lady.

On Saturday (11 April), Gabi Kosicka, our sister from Gdansk Club and a wonderful guide, showed us the old city and the European Solidarity Centre. The latter situated next to the Gdansk Shipyards, includes a permanent exhibition dedicated to the history of Solidarity movement and the opposition, which led to the democratic transformation of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

The last day, on Sunday, some of us visited the castle of the Teutonic Knights in Malbork.

To sum up – we had a memorable weekend in Gdansk.

25th February 2015 An Interesting Meeting with Prof. Barbara Weigl

On 25th February we met at Jola’s hospitable home on a special meeting dedicated to the integration of Romanies into the local community in Żywiec (we take care of a young Romany girl Karolina, which inspired this discussion).


We hosted prof. Barbara Weigl, the director of the Institute of Applied Social Psychologyat theAcademy of Special Education in Warsaw who specialized in psychological aspects of  integration and inclusion of the people living on the fringes of society, specially Romanies.

Prof. Weigl described the situation of Romanies now in Poland emphasizing their nomadic origin. Romanies hardly adapt to new environment and in general suffer from the discrimination and exclusion. The essential problem is the necessity of the education of Romanies children which is not so obvious for them, specially for the young girls who very quickly leave schools and get married. We focused on the most effective ways of supporting Karolina’s education.

At midnight, in Paris  Charity Ball is Just a Memory Now...

It was great ball! Until three a.m. we have been dancing in a spacious hall at the „Na Błoniach” hotel. The mood music played by the professional orchestra built the atmosphere of the ball and the real spirit of a French street revealed. And if we add good French cuisine – what else could us pleased?