25th Anniversary of SI Bielsko-Biala Club


There were nice, emotional and full of reminisces three days we have spent together. The Sisters from both Polish and foreign SI Clubs came to B-B to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Club. Our friends and families joined us as well. The municipality of B-B valued our work as soroptimists which was pronounced officially at the jubilee.

We would like to thank you very much all our guests for the time we spent togethert and for all good wishes we have heard.


It will take a few minutes but please, have a look to the photos you will find  below.

Friday, June 10th 2016 Integration meeting in  Piwnica Zamkowa

Saturday, June 11th 2016. Visiting Sułkowski Castle, lunch at the Market Square in the Old Town and  meeting in  BANIALUKA Puppet Theatre

Saturday, June 11th 2016. Gala Dinner

Sunday, June 12th 2016. Outdoor Picnic

About Us

The founder of our SI Bielsko-Biała Club was late Jadwiga Grzbiela, who came across the idea of soroptimist through contacts with two French Sisters from Metz – Denise Englinger and Marcelle Maujean. Those two ladies, together with the representatives of the French association Moselle Mitie Pologne helped our Bielsko-Biała society in difficult  times of the 80’s. Their activities included transports of medicines for hospitals. Sisters from Metz inspired Jadwiga to start our club and they became our godmothers. Sadly Jadwiga Grzbiela died only a year after the charter of the club. However other members managed to overcome problems of this hard time and under the leadership of Beata Mikuszewska continued previous and started some new projects.

At first our club was involved in raising money for building and organizing institution for therapeutics of children with disabilities Nadzieja. This fund-raising was conducted by organizing events, such as balls and tombolas, but there were many other private donation too. After Nadzieja had been built we concentrated on helping disabled children in other Bielsko-Biała schools and institutions. Apart from this our club developed an interesting project of scholarships for talented students of our local music school - Młodzi Naszą Szansą. Thanks to our beneficiares we, together with our sponsors, friends and  guests can enjoy concerts which are organized around Christmas every year and which are becoming more and more popular.

Another cultural event present in our activity is the sponsorship of monthly poetry meetings Salon Poezji Anny Dymnej .

We tried and helped different people in need among them was a large family, a person wit SM-syndrome and a Rome girl from Żywiec. We always answered calls for help after natural disasters in different part of the world.  

During those 25 years of the existence of our club there was a constant parade of presidents smoothly continuing ideas of Soroptimism. We hosted an international conference about the situation of women in Eastern Europe. Our club organized two meetings of all Polish clubs which led to the appointment of the Union of SI Polish Clubs.  We also held several open lectures and conferences on different subjects.


We are proud to have good relationships with other clubs in Poland and in Europe. Thanks to financial assistance of German and Dutch clubs we were able to introduce an interesting project Wiemy co… Mamy supporting a group of 15 mothers and their impaired children as well as organizing English language course for several students of Bielsko-Biała junior high schools.



Our four jubilee meetings as well as our visits to Austria, France, Holland, Denmark, Lithuania, Germany, Norway, Slovakia, Scotland and Hungary were a great opportunity to strengthen ties with our link clubs. We were always happy to participate in their events such as charters, jubilees, picnics and other meetings. We try not to forget ourselves – our monthly meetings are really interesting we love our summer picnics and mushroom gatherings and Christmas concerts.