They are young, pretty and talented. They wanted their dreams to come true. With unusual consequence they realize their tasks and goals.


They are our grant holders. Since ten years we supported young and talented girls from the Music School in B-B. The first one was Ariadna Willmann, the cellist. In the following years Katarzyna Witek (trombonist), Alicja Matuszczyk (oboist) and Amelia Tokarska (harpist) and recently Milena Szczupak (flautist) joined the group. Ariadna Willmann has already completed her studies and started working.




Let them tell a few words about themselves.


The Grant Holders About Themselves




 My musical adventure began in „a bun in the oven” of my singing mum...An additional inspiration came later from my father who was very fond of music and elder sister who entered the music school. I chose a cellist when in a library I read a book about a girl who played cello. It was fantastic! I began my musical education in 1996 of prof. Eugeniusz Ilczuk class and later of prof. Helena Firlej class. From 2006 I was a grant holder of SI B-B Club. From 2008 to 2012 I studied at the Music Academy in Katowice (of prof. Pawel Glombik and prof. Natalia Kurzac classes). Now I am a teacher of cello in a Music School in Rybnik. I love my job. I play also in Rybnik Philharmonic Orchestra and in several trios and quartets in Poland and abroad. Among others I performed in Germany, France, Italy, Greece and in the USA. I am improving my skills all the time and this year I am finishing second year of postgraduate studies of prof. Teresa Baczewska and Dr. Natalia Kurzac-Kotula chamber music classes.


KATARZYNA WITEK, the trombonist

 I am completing my studies at the Music Academy in Krakow of prof. Zdzisław Stolarczyk class. Playing trombone I started 14 years ago in a Music School in Luków of prof. Jaroslaw Bacewicz class who was my first teacher and who inspired me and aroused my interest in playing this instrument. In a Music School in B-B I learned under the direction of prof. Zdzislaw Stolarczyk who had considerable standing as the trombonist. His passion and joy of playing trombone spurred me and my colleagues to form a sextet and to participate in monthly scholarship in Idylwild in California. I met the greatest trombonists there and I participated in their courses. It was unforgettable experience.


From 2009 I am a grant holder of SI B-B Club which also helped me in buying a new instrument. Last year I studied in Amsterdam in a framework of Erasmus scholarship and among others I participated in the Slide Factory Festival organized by New York Philharmony where I met the outstanding teachers.


I am in a course of completing mu music education at the Academy and I intend to enter to one of the symphony orchestra.





 I learn oboe at the Music School in B-B of prof. Piotr Pyc class. I participated in several oboe workshops given by Diethel Jonas from Lubeck, Christopher Hartmann from Berlin and David Walter from Paris. In 2014 I took part in „Europa u Bram” programme and I was awarded a special distinction as a soloist of chamber concert of Silesian Philharmony. I was also rewarded Grand Prix and first places of different festivals and competitions in Poland, e.g.: the Oboe and Bassoon Festival in Bytom, the Contemporary Music Competitions in Płock and the International Duet of Oboe and Harp Competition in Cieszyn. In 2013 and 2014 I received the highest distinctions of  Contemporary Music Competition „Srebrna Szybka” in Krakow and the Janackovy Maj Competition in Ostrava in Czech Republic. I play concerts in Poland and abroad (France, Germany, Czech Republic, Dubai and Cyprus).



AMELIA TOKARSKA, the harpist



When I was seven years old I started learning harp in the Music School in B-B of prof. Ewa Jaślar-Walicka class who not only inspired me as an instrumentalist but also taught me to look courageously into future. I am now a student of Royal Conservatory of Brussels of prof. Jana Bouskova harp class. I participated in different competitions and workshops, among others in Moulin d’Ande in France. I took part in the audition organized by the World Harp Congress in Sydney and I play a concert there. It was one of my greatest experience so far. I played also in Gdańsk (Danzig), Berlin, Kiev, Batumi and Santander. I am interested in the interaction between harp and electronic music. That is why together with Piotr Nowakowski, the electronic,  we played a concert in our home town in B-B and we are preparing a new one to be performed in Cieszyn. 



MILENA SZCZUPAK, the flautist



The youngest our grant holder is learning in Music School in B-B of prof. Dorota Parzyk flute class. In 2013 she was awarded second place in the Spring Flute Festival in Sochaczew in Poland and in 2014 she was rewarded third place of the Wind Instruments Silesian Competition and a special award of the  International Flute Competition in Jastrzębie Zdrój.


Accordionist  Kamila Piecha

My mother, Wioletta, takes great care of me and carefully observed what interests me most. As it resulted from her observation, I showed a unique desire to play. In our house I had a keyboard instrument available at the time, at which I spent a lot of time. So when I was 6, my mother enrolled me into music class. There, after a year of getting knowledge about music, the teacher and the psychologist said that I have predispositions for the music school. The time has come for me to choose the instrument on which I would like to play. At the entrance exams to the Music School, Mrs. Ewa Grabowska-Lis sat in the examination committee - a great accordionist and teacher, who I confided that my dream is to play as my uncle - Jakub Mietła who graduated from the accordion faculty in Katowice. It turned out then that my uncle was a friend of Mrs Ewa during her studies, so she decided that he would take me under his wing. And so in 2006 I passed to the first class of the State Music School of Stanisław Moniuszko in Bielsko-Biała, in the class of dr phd Ewa Grabowska-Lis. The education led by Mrs Ewa Grabowska lasted until 2009.


In 2009, I came to the class of dr Wojciech Golec, where I developed my skills under the guidance of a wonderful teacher who guided me and aroused love for this beautiful instrument! During my studies I took part in many concerts and national and international competitions. I participated in many courses and accordion workshops conducted by musicians who have a very large output in the field of Polish accordion music.