Rudołtowice project


We know our Mums” project has been carried on with the Centre for Education and Rehabilitation of Blind and Partly Sighted Children in Rudołtowice (next to Pszczyna in the Silesia region). It was launched on 14th April 2012.

The idea was to organize a set of activities for the mothers of children attending the Centre. Very often the mothers bringing up handicapped children are removed from the social life. This is our goal to build the awareness of their own needs and to discover or to bring out their individual interests, as well as to integrate the people having the same problems.

The activities took place every other week, while the children with severe disabilities were being care for. The members of our SI club took turns during the set time (4-7 p.m. on a given day) to look after the children with the help of professionals. This way, we not only support the project financially but we also take active part in it. The children left in our charge are all severely handicapped and it is often very difficult to build a relationship with them. We strongly belive we manage to help the mothers and give them psychological support and respite from their many everyday problems. Up to date we have carried out the following activities: pottery, dance class, make up class, nordic walking, journalism, découpage, yoga class and English language class.