Orange the World 2022 - #WeStandUpforWomen





  • 22 November 2022, 6pm, in the Bielsko Cultural Centre film screening ‘We don’t talk about this’, organised by the Podbeskidzie Women’s Congress

  • 24 November 2022, 2.30pm till 5.30pm - ‘Communication without violence’ workshop for members of the SIE Clubs Bielsko-Biała and Cieszyn led by Alicja Lizurej-Hanula, trainer, psychologist and therapist at Pauza ( Psyche, Soma and Polis project), organised by SIE Clubs Bielsko-Biała and Cieszyn

  • 24 November beginning at 5pm, conference entitled ‘Against Violence’ in the Bielsko Cultural Centre


The programme included:


  • ­performance of ‘Romeo and Juliet. What tempts us?’

  • conference divided into two modules – legal, and medical and psychotherapeutic

  • concert by the group Highflyers

  • Magdalena Kapela artistic work exhibition

  • 25 November, 5pm, Orange March Against Violence, Chrobrego Square, organised jointly by the Podbeskidzie Women's Congress, SIE Club Bielsko-Biała and other partners


  • 1 December 2022, 5.30pm, screening of the film ‘Everyone ate everything’ and discussion on signs of a toxic relationship leading to violence at the Aquarium club-café and Bielsko Gallery BWA


The topic of the meeting refers to the pan-European and nationwide campaign organised by Soroptimist International ‘Soroptimists against domestic violence. READ THE SIGNS of a toxic relationship to prevent domestic violence’. After the screening of the film the discussion was be led by therapist Ewa Duda, representing the Bielsko branch of the Silesian Blue Cross Foundation. More information on https://bk-europe.pl/index.php/pl/


Screening organised as part of the WATCH DOCS project ‘Do it yourself Helsinki Initiative for Human Rights’ by SIE Bielsko-Biala Club, the Aquarium club-café and Bielsko Gallery BWA


  • 10 December 2022, 10am till 1pm, workshop entitled ‘Communication without violence’, open to all, and led by Alicja Lizurej-Hanula, trainer, psychologist and therapist, at Pauza (Psyche, Soma and Polis project), organised by SIE Clubs Bielsko-Biala and Cieszyn.



Polish lessons for children


At the end of August 2022 the Polish lessons for children, which we started at the beginning of the summer holidays, came to an end. The lessons lasted throughout the summer break and were to help Ukrainian children start the new school year in September 2022 with a better knowledge of the Polish language.


Dorota Augustyn, with whom we have been working since the beginning of our project – Polish lessons for Ukrainian women – conducted the lessons.

We thanked Dorota, handed out sweets to the children, and the children gave flowers to their teacher



Polish conversation and help in adapting to life in Poland for women from Ukraine — a stay in a mountain chalet in the Beskidy Mountains

Soroptimist International Bielsko-Biała Club invited Ukrainian women and their children for a four day stay in the mountains. This was enjoyed from 14 to 17 July in “Chałupa Chemików Danielka” mountain chalet in the Beskidy Mountains about 50 km from Bielsko-Biała.


All expenses – transport, food and accommodation - were paid for by our club from money which included very kind donations from our friendship link clubs. We hiked in the mountains with a guide, we played games around the bonfire, we cooked together, we slept together. And we spoke Polish with our guests! The best things we gained from this trip were feelings of warmth, closeness, cooperation.

We could not stop hugging each other when we were leaving!


Take a look at the photos and enjoy.





22 June 2022  -    the end of the academic year and some ideas for   our students for the summer holidays

The school year has finished,  we have had the ceremony for the end of the Polish lessons for our Ukrainian students, and now we’re looking forward to the summer holidays.


The last meeting of the academic year of the teachers, students and members of SIE Bielsko-Biała club took place on the 22 June in  the friendly Jedwabny Szlak pub café. As always we spent a very pleasant evening. The students did very well in the end-of-course test and were proud to receive a certificate. Dorota Augustyn, the teachers, encouraged the ladies to read poems written by Polish poets and so we listened to works by Czesław Miłosz,  Maria Pawlikowska-Jasnorzewska, and Stanisław Jachowicz’s funny poem about a sick cat.  We would like to thank the ladies for this moving surprise.


The end of the course does not mean that we have finished our activities. For those ladies who are interested we have organised a few days  away in ‘Danielka’, a mountain house in the Żywiec Beskid  mountains.  A rest combined with Polish conversation.


We understand what stress  the Ukrainian women are under, and so we have offered our students free professional psychological help, both in groups and individually.

Polish language courses for women from Ukraine and Belarus


 November 2021 saw the beginning of Polish language classes for women from Ukraine and Belarus who work in Bielsko-Biala and the surrounding areas. At the moment there are classes at two different levels - A1 (beginners) and B1 (intermediate) .


The classes are financed thanks to the Action Fund money which we have received from the SIE Federation. The funds cover the cost of classrooms, teachers and books. Our club finances individual lessons for three young girls from its own funds.

 At the time of writing fifty women have registered for the classes.

The Polish language courses organised by our club for women from Ukraine and Belarus have proved to be extremely popular.

On 31 March 2022 the next round of certificates for completing the basic and the slightly more advanced courses were handed out. We are very happy to see that a large number of ladies intend to carry on studying, having passed the tests of the intermediate stage of the course.  In keeping with our schedule, the intermediate course will commence in May. Until then lessons to consolidate existing knowledge will be conducted on-line and in the form of conversational meetings. The students greatly enjoyed the Polish language lessons and developed a real affection for both teachers, and so very warm and heartfelt thanks were passed on to both these ladies.


The end of the course was an opportunity for the students to meet socially with members of the SIE club in Bielsko-Biała.


We all met at cafe Na Jedwabnym Szlaku with tea and cakes specially baked for this occasion, and our friends from Ukraine had the opportunity to tell us about themselves, about their hometowns, work and plans. Despite it being a rainy and chilly day, the atmosphere in the cafe was very warm and convivial. The positive results of the Polish lessons could be seen in the lively conversations held and the fact that we understood each other well. The very friendly owners of the premises contributed to the pleasant atmosphere of our meeting, which we greatly appreciated and for which, on behalf of the entire club, we pass on our gratitude.